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Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Sensor nominated for Most Innovative Motorsport Product of the Year

The Fuel Flow Sensor has been shortlisted due to its potential to redefine its industry sector

The Gill Sensors Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Sensor has been announced as a contender for the Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium’s Most Innovative Motorsport Product of the Year Award. The prestigious award ceremony held by Race Tech honours the most innovative and forward-thinking products in Motorsport.

Over the last few months nominations for the category have been put forward to highlight the best advancements to industry products, improvements in manufacturing and engineering developments. The nominees have been selected based on criteria limiting the award to commercially available products launched within the last 12 months or so.

The Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Sensor, which has already won two innovation awards this year, has been shortlisted due to its potential to redefine its industry sector and its significant step forward in the monitoring of fuel flow across motorsport.

The fuel flow sensor has been specifically designed to address the rising emphasis on fuel efficiency and the requirement for accurate monitoring of fuel usage, which has become increasingly essential within telemetry systems.

Fuel Flow Sensor installed in a motorsport application

One of the main challenges Gill faced during the development process was creating a sensor which incorporates the rapid transit response required within Motorsport applications. Gill engineers were able to overcome this using proven ultrasonic measurement technology, which sees the removal of moving mechanical parts, allowing a much higher temporal resolution and accuracy level to measure high frequency pulsating flows.

The ultrasonic technology used within the sensor detects bi-directional fuel flow rate in real time to a very high degree of accuracy. With no moving parts to break or block the flow path, pressure drop is minimised allowing the sensor to provide true flow rate data. The solid-state construction permits the sensor to monitor both rapid and low fuel flow to a consistent degree of accuracy.

Featuring a newly-developed electronic platform, the sensor is potentially capable of measuring fuel flow rate at 2KHz. Digital, CAN and four analogue output channels report flow rate, flow direction, fuel temperature and cumulative fuel used across the calibrated flow range.

The Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Sensor will be presented alongside the other nominees to the panel of senior motorsport engineers who will announce the winner at the Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium in January 2013.

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