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Video: How the Blade25 Position Sensor Works

Gill Sensors has produced a video animation detailing how the Blade25 position sensor works. The video covers the fundamentals of induction technology and shows how the sensor uses this principle to detect absolute position.

The Blade25 is a solid-state, fully sealed and completely non-contact position sensor, able to monitor linear, angular and non-uniform position using Gill’s patented induction technology.

A metallic target, referred to as the activator, passes over a series of coils mounted within the sensor. By alternately generating magnetic pulses in the coils and measuring differences in response from the activator, its position can be accurately determined.

The full video can be viewed below (to view in HD just click the ‘enlarge video’ button).

To find out more about the Blade25 including full specifications and documentation just click here. If you would like to speak with one of our position sensor experts about a possible application for the Blade25 or any other Gill non-contact position sensor please contact us.

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