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Inductive Proximity Switch Developed for Military Gearbox

Inductive Proximity Switch

Proximity Switch has M12 Threaded Body

Gill Sensors has developed a new configurable inductive proximity switch for a military land vehicle. The proximity switch, which has been custom designed to suit the requirements of a tier 1 military vehicle integrator, is mounted in the gearbox of the vehicle, providing a switched output relative to the gearbox shift fork position.

The switch detects the proximity of a metallic arm that is mounted to the rotating shift fork. As the arm moves into position in front of the face of the sensor, the output switches.

Proximity Switch - Rear View

Rated for Operation to 125ºC

Unlike most other types of inductive proximity switch, this custom variant can be configured to switch at any point across the sensing face. In addition, the switch can be configured to offer a linear analogue voltage output across the 8mm range of the sensor face, allowing the product to also be used as a precision non-contact position sensor if desired.

This custom proximity switch uses the latest version of our proven mil-spec inductive position sensing electronics, re-packaged to match the tight space envelope available. With an M12 threaded stainless steel body, the proximity switch is secured into place by two locknuts, allowing for simple installation.

Proximity Switch - Side View

Designed for Operation in Extreme Environments

Rated for high temperature operation up to 125ºC and environmentally protected to IP68, this proximity switch has been designed for reliable operation in the harsh environments encountered within military gearbox applications.

The proximity switch offers a 0.5V / 4.5V switched output and will operate from a supply voltage of 5 – 31VDC. With a 0.2% accuracy over full scale and a 2KHz update rate, the switch can be relied upon for accurate control of gear shifts.

Proximity Switch Dimensions

Inductive Proximity Switch Dimensions

This custom inductive proximity switch was designed, manufactured and supplied in a rapid time frame, ready for on-vehicle testing. The development demonstrates another novel use of our patented induction technology, with a bespoke design and electronic configuration allowing for integration with minimal impact on the existing transmission design.

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